Nate hangs with friends from high school; Brenda starts her internship; Maggie gives Ruth much needed relief.

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I Am the Walrus performed by The Beatles

I Am the Walrus
performed by The Beatles

This Song is referred to by Dancing for Me
During David's farm dream, Keith drives up in a tractor and quotes a line from this song with, "I am the eggman". David responds with his own line, "Goo goo g'joob".

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Six Feet Under Season 5

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Six Feet Under
5:1 A Coat of White Primer Jun 6, 2005
5:2 Dancing for Me Jun 13, 2005
5:3 Hold My Hand Jun 20, 2005
5:4 Time Flies Jun 27, 2005
5:5 Eat a Peach Jul 4, 2005
5:6 The Rainbow of Her Reasons Jul 10, 2005
5:7 The Silence Jul 17, 2005
5:8 Singing for Our Lives Jul 24, 2005
5:9 Ecotone Jul 31, 2005
5:10 All Alone Aug 7, 2005
5:11 Static Aug 14, 2005
5:12 Everyone's Waiting Aug 21, 2005

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