Dexter must deal with Rita's menacing husband. Debra goes on a date with the prosthetics expert who made prosthetic legs for an Ice Truck Killer survivor. Debra and Angel are investigating the Ice Truck Killer and discover a familiar name with speeding violations near the scene of the Ice Truck Killer's third murder. Dexter is investigating Sergeant Doakes's knife victim; he already knows the killer's identity but needs time to locate him. The Ice Truck Killer is finally apprehended, but Dexter doubts that they have caught the correct man.

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What Songs are featured in this Television Episode?

It plays...

Now the Day is Over
composed by Jo­seph Barn­by; written by

This Song is played in Circle of Friends
The "killer" sings this song when he is caught by Debra and Angel at the motel.

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