As the hunt for Ice Truck Killer continues, posed body parts are discovered which appear to be the calling cards of an increasingly impatient killer. The Ice Truck Killer escalates his killing spree, leaving body parts of his latest victim at sites connected to Dexter's childhood, which leads Dexter to confront his dark personal history. As Halloween approaches, Rita kidnaps a barking dog with a cynical owner, who keeps her children up at night, and gives it to a loving family. Lieutenant LaGuerta seeks to comfort the mother of the latest Ice Truck Killer victim. The pressure on Sergeant Doakes escalates when Guerrero's associates begin following him.

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Dexter Season 1

# Title Air Date
1:1 Dexter Oct 1, 2006
1:2 Crocodile Oct 8, 2006
1:3 Popping Cherry Oct 15, 2006
1:4 Let's Give the Boy a Hand Oct 22, 2006
1:5 Love American Style Oct 29, 2006
1:6 Return to Sender Nov 5, 2006
1:7 Circle of Friends Nov 12, 2006
1:8 Shrink Wrap Nov 19, 2006
1:9 Father Knows Best Nov 26, 2006
1:10 Seeing Red Dec 3, 2006
1:11 Truth Be Told Dec 10, 2006
1:12 Born Free Dec 17, 2006

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