After the discovery of another victim of the Ice Truck Killer at an ice rink, the missing guard, Tony Tucci, becomes a potential suspect. Rita receives an unpleasant visit from her ex-husband's drug dealer, who confiscates her car, forcing her to take the bus to and from her job as a hotel receptionist. Dexter selects his next murder victim while having flashbacks of his first killing—a nurse who was caring for Dexter's sick father, but was administering overdoses of medication to and slowly killing her patients. Elsewhere, Sergeant Doakes continues to harass Guerrero, as a group of renegade police officers decide to take matters involving Guerrero into their own hands.

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Dexter Season 1

# Title Air Date
1:1 Dexter Oct 1, 2006
1:2 Crocodile Oct 8, 2006
1:3 Popping Cherry Oct 15, 2006
1:4 Let's Give the Boy a Hand Oct 22, 2006
1:5 Love American Style Oct 29, 2006
1:6 Return to Sender Nov 5, 2006
1:7 Circle of Friends Nov 12, 2006
1:8 Shrink Wrap Nov 19, 2006
1:9 Father Knows Best Nov 26, 2006
1:10 Seeing Red Dec 3, 2006
1:11 Truth Be Told Dec 10, 2006
1:12 Born Free Dec 17, 2006

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