The Tick arrives in The City just in time to meet and save Arthur, an accountant who quit his job to become a superhero, but has little self-confidence or belief in himself. In their first ever team up, the Tick and Arthur must thwart the Red Scare, a robot made in the 1970s by the Soviet Union, programed to destroy the US President. Unaware of the present year however, the Red Scare seeks to destroy former President Carter, and due to Captain Liberty being "indisposed", it's up to the Tick and Arthur to stop it.

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The Tick Season 1

# Title Air Date
The Tick
1:1 Pilot Nov 8, 2001
1:2 The Funeral Nov 15, 2001
1:3 Couples Dec 5, 2001
1:4 The License Dec 6, 2001
1:5 Arthur Needs Space Dec 13, 2001
1:6 The Big Leagues Dec 21, 2001
1:7 The Tick vs. Justice Jan 17, 2002
1:8 Arthur, Interrupted Jan 24, 2002
1:9 The Terror Jan 31, 2002

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