The villain Destroyo is on trial, but the Tick is confounded by the mysterious ways of courtroom justice. Due to his disrespect and behavior, the Tick is sentenced to a night in prison for contempt, leaving Batmanuel and Arthur to fend for themselves against anything that Destroyo might send to kill them, while they look for evidence against him. Meanwhile Captain Liberty is left to guard Destroyo in prison by herself.

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The Tick Season 1

# Title Air Date
The Tick
1:1 Pilot Nov 8, 2001
1:2 The Funeral Nov 15, 2001
1:3 Couples Dec 5, 2001
1:4 The License Dec 6, 2001
1:5 Arthur Needs Space Dec 13, 2001
1:6 The Big Leagues Dec 21, 2001
1:7 The Tick vs. Justice Jan 17, 2002
1:8 Arthur, Interrupted Jan 24, 2002
1:9 The Terror Jan 31, 2002

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