When Daisy Adair, a gorgeous but demanding and brash actress, joins the group of reapers as Betty's replacement, Rube moves her in with Georgia. Immediately, Daisy steamrolls over George's privacy and patience, and a reluctant Georgia must find the courage to speak up for herself. Meanwhile, George is put on the Happy Time bowling team and we see a caring side to George as well as a competitive side to Delores. Rube has a run-in with Joy at a psychiatrist’s office while searching for his latest assignment. At the same time, Joy finds the "toilet seat tree" that Reggie constructed and she forces the troubled girl to see a child psychologist.

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Dead Like Me Season 1

# Title Air Date
Dead Like Me
1:5 Reaping Havoc Jun 25, 2003
1:1 Pilot Jun 27, 2003
1:2 Dead Girl Walking Jul 4, 2003
1:3 Curious George Jul 11, 2003
1:4 Reapercussions Jul 18, 2003
1:6 My Room Aug 1, 2003
1:7 Reaper Madness Aug 8, 2003
1:8 A Cook Aug 15, 2003
1:9 Sunday Mornings Aug 22, 2003
1:10 Business Unfinished Aug 29, 2003
1:11 The Bicycle Thief Sep 5, 2003
1:12 Nighthawks Sep 12, 2003
1:13 Vacation Sep 19, 2003
1:14 Rest in Peace Sep 26, 2003

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