On Halloween, Rube tells George that there is a reaper legend in which that the reapers can be seen as they are when alive and she's forced to wear a mask in order to avoid being recognized by someone she used to know. Meanwhile, there is serial killer loose who strikes every year on Halloween, and the reapers must work overtime to pick up all the souls of the victims. The busy workday cuts into George and Mason's trick-or-treating. Roxy dresses up as Cindarella, and Daisy dresses up as a cop. Mason steals candy from neighborhood kids, while George goes after the bad guy after suspecting the killer to be someone she remembered from her past who kills on every Halloween at the 59th minute of every hour. Back at home, Joy must cajole Reggie into the Halloween spirit following a session with a psychologist. Joy and Reggie then pay a late night visit to George's grave... and so does George.

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