George's co-reapers become jealous when she's assigned to pluck the soul of a famous rock star to give a live concert at a TV studio. But the duty proves to be more of a pain than a pleasure, due to the idol's entourage who block George's effort to get close to physically touch him to claim his soul. Mason messes up big time when he is diverted from his reap assignment to flirt with a Goth group of groupies right at the studio where George is. Roxy's day job at a policewoman comes to the fore in an unexpected way as she's forced to help George out. Meanwhile, Daisy confides in (then reaps) a priest which causes her to reexamine her Catholic roots. Elsewhere, arrival of Joy's eccentric mother, Phyllis, whom she cannot stand, creates friction in the Lass household when she takes Reggie to the sacred place where George died.

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Dead Like Me Season 2

# Title Air Date
Dead Like Me
2:1 Send in the Clown Jul 25, 2004
2:2 The Ledger Aug 1, 2004
2:3 Ghost Story Aug 8, 2004
2:4 The Shallow End Aug 15, 2004
2:5 Hurry Aug 22, 2004
2:6 In Escrow Aug 29, 2004
2:7 Rites of Passage Sep 5, 2004
2:8 The Escape Artist Sep 12, 2004
2:9 Be Still My Heart Sep 19, 2004
2:10 Death Defying Sep 26, 2004
2:14 Always Oct 2, 2004
2:11 Ashes to Ashes Oct 3, 2004
2:12 Forget Me Not Oct 10, 2004
2:13 Last Call Oct 17, 2004
2:15 Haunted Oct 31, 2004

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