As George develops a crush on Brennan, the cute, but dim-witted intern at her temp agency, Happy Time, everyone, including Delores, discourages her from allowing it to blossom into anything more. Meanwhile, Rube accompany's Mason to his assignment to collect a soul at a kid's birthday party which devastates him. Elsewhere, Joy and Clancy decide to divorce after she finds out that he has been cheating on her with his female college students. Also, Roxy decides to quit her meter maid job and join the police academy to become a real cop after her latest reap, and Daisy steals a silver cross necklace from Roxy's latest victim.

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Dead Like Me Season 2

# Title Air Date
Dead Like Me
2:1 Send in the Clown Jul 25, 2004
2:2 The Ledger Aug 1, 2004
2:3 Ghost Story Aug 8, 2004
2:4 The Shallow End Aug 15, 2004
2:5 Hurry Aug 22, 2004
2:6 In Escrow Aug 29, 2004
2:7 Rites of Passage Sep 5, 2004
2:8 The Escape Artist Sep 12, 2004
2:9 Be Still My Heart Sep 19, 2004
2:10 Death Defying Sep 26, 2004
2:14 Always Oct 2, 2004
2:11 Ashes to Ashes Oct 3, 2004
2:12 Forget Me Not Oct 10, 2004
2:13 Last Call Oct 17, 2004
2:15 Haunted Oct 31, 2004

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