Charlie is outraged over Dennis smoking in the bar, and teams up with Dee to start an anti-smoking rally. Meanwhile, Mac, Dennis, and Frank turn Paddy's Pub into an "anything goes" bar…which goes horribly awry thanks to the new clientele: drug abusers and Vietnamese gamblers.

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 2

# Title Air Date
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
2:1 Charlie Gets Crippled Jun 29, 2006
2:2 The Gang Goes Jihad Jun 29, 2006
2:3 Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare Jul 6, 2006
2:4 Mac Bangs Dennis' Mom Jul 6, 2006
2:5 Hundred Dollar Baby Jul 13, 2006
2:6 The Gang Gives back Jul 20, 2006
2:7 The Gang Exploits A Miracle Jul 27, 2006
2:8 The Gang Runs for Office Aug 3, 2006
2:9 Charlie Goes America All Over Everbody's Ass Aug 10, 2006
2:10 Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad Aug 17, 2006

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