Another interesting mission for Sam beginning with random objects of his disappearing and reappearing in odd locations. It is his hint to search for his fourth lost soul in the shape of an arrogant magician working at a nearby carnival, someone who is murdering his "ungrateful" audience with magic tricks. However, Sam is occupied with the prospect of spending a night alone with Andi while driving to Idaho to attend a university concert, and, more specifically, how to dodge The Devil's prohibition of any vacation for his condemned servant. The hunt is suddenly intensified, though, when Andi is unwittingly directed to one of the crazed magician's magic shows, and, although Sam rescues her with the help of his friends and their newly arrived pet--the white dove doubling as a demonic vessel from Hell, Andi is disappointed by his repeated flakiness. In return for his earlier manipulation The Devil finally awards Sam the contract for his soul, but the poor boy is out of luck with Andi.

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