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Larry opens on Broadway with The Producers and forgets his lines during the performance; Cheryl reminds Larry to cash in on his present before "midnight" of the opening. Stephen Colbert has a cameo appearance as a crazed audience member. Jerry Seinfeld also has a short cameo in the audience.

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Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 4

# Title Air Date
Curb Your Enthusiasm
4:1 Mel's Offer Jan 4, 2004
4:2 Ben's Birthday Party Jan 11, 2004
4:3 The Blind Date Jan 18, 2004
4:4 The Weatherman Jan 25, 2004
4:5 The 5 Wood Feb 1, 2004
4:6 The Car Pool Lane Feb 8, 2004
4:7 The Surrogate Feb 22, 2004
4:8 Wandering Bear Feb 29, 2004
4:9 The Survivor Mar 7, 2004
4:10 Opening Night Mar 14, 2004

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