Erin Embry, window dresser extraordinaire for Dicker’s department store, is killed and Chuck manages to get the Pie Hole gang on the case. Erin’s fans think it was her window-dressing partner, Coco Juniper, who did the deed. Apparently the two artistic minds did not always meet. Meanwhile, Ned refuses to use his zapping ability which causes him a small crisis of identity as he tries to establish his old identity, with matters becoming further complicated when the arrival of two old 'friends' of Olive's force Ned to pose as her fiance due to her having referred to him as such in her letters to them.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

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performed by Lionel Richie

This Song is played in Window Dressed to Kill part of Pushing Daisies Season 2
Olive sings this song when she and Ned kiss while pretending to be engaged.

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Pushing Daisies Season 2

# Title Air Date
Pushing Daisies
2:1 Bzzzzzzzzz! Sep 30, 2008
2:2 Circus Circus Oct 8, 2008
2:3 Bad Habits Oct 15, 2008
2:4 Frescorts Oct 21, 2008
2:5 Dim Sun Lose Some Oct 28, 2008
2:6 Oh, Oh, Oh...It's Magic Nov 18, 2008
2:7 Robbing Hood Nov 25, 2008
2:8 Comfort Food Dec 2, 2008
2:9 The Legend of Merle McQuoddy Dec 10, 2008
2:10 The Norwegians Dec 17, 2008
2:11 Window Dressed to Kill Apr 17, 2009
2:12 Water & Power Apr 24, 2009
2:13 Kerplunk May 1, 2009