The rebellion now known as the Pilgrimage of Grace begins in earnest, with Henry dispatching Brandon to deal with the uprising. Bedridden due to the painful ulcerating of his jousting injury, Henry takes a new mistress: Lady Ursula Misseldon in his frustration at the Queen's lack of pregnancy. Now reconciled with his daughter, Lady Mary, Queen Jane unveils the girl at court in a bid to see her restored to the succession.

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The Tudors Season 3

# Title Air Date
The Tudors
3:1 Civil Unrest Apr 5, 2009
3:2 The Northern Uprising Apr 12, 2009
3:3 Dissension and Punishment Apr 19, 2009
3:4 The Death of a Queen Apr 26, 2009
3:5 Problems in the Reformation May 3, 2009
3:6 Search for a New Queen May 10, 2009
3:7 Protestant Anne of Cleves May 17, 2009
3:8 The Undoing of Cromwell May 24, 2009

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