In a surprise decision, the King orders a new Act of Parliament which restores the succession rights of his two daughters, the Princesses Elizabeth and Mary. Although they are next in line after their youngest brother Edward, it is a powerful gesture of his love which will have historical consequences. The King dispatches Hertford and his arch enemy the Earl of Surrey north to warn the King of Scotland that any further acts of aggression will be responded to with the might of England’s armies. But Surrey is no man for issuing warnings and the body count is high at the Battle of Solway Moss. Meanwhile both the ambassador of France and the ambassador of the Holy Roman Empire seek the support of Henry in attacking each other. To the surprise of his court Henry sides with the Catholic Emperor; for the first time since he was married to his aunt Catherine of Aragon. The Catholic alliance signals a weakening of the Reformation’s influence in English politics. Realizing that the tide is turning, Bishop Stephen Gardiner goes on the hunt for suspected Calvinists. Single once again, Henry takes an interest in the twice married Catherine Parr, a woman closer in age than his usual fancies. She has in mind to marry Thomas Seymour but within hours of her husband’s death, Seymour is hastily transferred to Brussels as permanent Ambassador and the King proposes marriage.

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The Tudors Season 4

# Title Air Date
The Tudors
4:1 Moment of Nostalgia Apr 11, 2010
4:2 Sister Apr 18, 2010
4:3 Something for You Apr 25, 2010
4:4 Natural Ally May 2, 2010
4:5 Bottom of the Pot May 9, 2010
4:6 You Have My Permission May 16, 2010
4:7 Sixth and the Final Wife May 23, 2010
4:8 As It Should Be Jun 6, 2010
4:9 Secrets of the Heart Jun 13, 2010
4:10 Death of a Monarchy Jun 20, 2010

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