Thomas Culpepper - principal groom to Henry VIII - continues to make eyes at his King’s sexy young bride, Katherine Howard. He is not alone; the teen Queen inspires many admirers in Henry’s court, not least the King himself who spoils his new wife with an endless supply of extravagant gifts. Lady Rochford gets plenty of gossip about her new mistress from Katherine’s old friend and indiscreet lady-in-waiting Joan Bulmer who hints about their sexual adventures as young ladies. When Rochford sleeps with Culpepper soon after, he doesn’t hide that the Queen is his real desire and she helpfully suggests that she aid him in seducing Katherine. On a drinking binge with his cronies in one of London’s nastiest neighborhoods, the arrogant Lord Surrey persecutes prostitutes, smashes windows and causes general mayhem. Not content with stirring up trouble after dark, Surrey intends to be the scourge of the Seymour brothers – Edward and Thomas- whom he considers mere commoners. As part of the Christmas festivities Henry invites his previous wife Anne of Cleves to the palace. He is pleasantly surprised by her beauty - something he missed when they were married - and delighted by her graciousness. But where once he was the life and soul of such parties, the aging King goes to bed early and the party grows boisterous in his absence. Never before have two of Henry’s wives had such fun together, nor have so many of his male courtiers enjoyed openly ogling their Queen.

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