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Picking up on the same night as last season's finale, Elena arrives home to a nightmare as she discovers Uncle John's and Jeremy's fate. At the hospital, Sheriff Forbes is comforted by Matt, Bonnie and Damon while she waits to hear if Caroline will survive the car accident. After a confusing conversation with Elena about the night's events, Damon is the first to realize that Katherine has returned. Katherine's arrival sends Stefan and Damon on a path to find out what she wants, why she's back, and how much of a threat she is to the people they love. Meanwhile, still reeling from his father's death, Tyler is surprised when his charming and mysterious uncle, Mason Lockwood, arrives to console the family.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 2

# Title Air Date
The Vampire Diaries
2:1 The Return Sep 9, 2010
2:2 Brave New World Sep 16, 2010
2:3 Bad Moon Rising Sep 23, 2010
2:4 Memory Lane Sep 30, 2010
2:5 Kill or Be Killed Oct 7, 2010
2:6 Plan B Oct 21, 2010
2:7 Masquerade Oct 28, 2010
2:8 Rose Nov 4, 2010
2:9 Katerina Nov 11, 2010
2:10 The Sacrifice Dec 2, 2010
2:11 By the Light of the Moon Dec 9, 2010
2:12 The Descent Jan 27, 2011
2:13 Daddy Issues Feb 3, 2011
2:14 Crying Wolf Feb 10, 2011
2:15 The Dinner Party Feb 17, 2011
2:16 The House Guest Feb 24, 2011
2:17 Know Thy Enemy Apr 7, 2011
2:18 The Last Dance Apr 14, 2011
2:19 Klaus Apr 21, 2011
2:20 The Last Day Apr 28, 2011
2:21 The Sun Also Rises May 5, 2011
2:22 As I Lay Dying May 12, 2011

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