A hustler friend of Fi’s drags her in to a dangerous professional kidnapping ring, whose paranoid boss is only looking for restitution from a computer chip company responsible for the deaths of hundreds of children, including his own daughter. In order to keep him from taking the life of an innocent scientist he’s kidnapped, Michael and Sam provide outside assistance to influence him to lead them to the hostage, who decides to blow the whistle on his company. At the same time, as Gilroy sets the stage for the arrival of the mysterious prisoner, Michael -- who was personally selected by the man for the mission – goes so far as to see if his old FBI detail, Harris and Lane, will help him stop Gilroy, but he is left with no choice except to help Gilroy so he won’t go on a killing rampage by himself. In the end, though, Michael narrowly avoids being blown up along with Gilroy after the criminal, named Simon, double-crosses him and escapes.

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