While making use of Sam’s military connections to find a private flight on Gilroy’s orders, a flight whose contents Gilroy won't divulge, tensions within Michael's team boil over when his former mentor Larry rears his ugly head after having stolen $2 million from a cartel in Michael’s name. With Larry being his usual selfish, psychopathic self, Michael’s efforts to clear his good name and get the cartel off his back are endangered at every turn, and no more so than when it seems only Larry is on his side. Once Michael clears his head, and mends fences with Sam and Fi, they finally manage to take the cartel out of the picture and force Larry to go on the run again. Meanwhile, Nate stops by without warning on his honeymoon with his wife, and the shock of the controversial choice is only worsened when the newlyweds try to convince Maddie to move near them in Vegas for her own safety.

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Burn Notice Season 3

# Title Air Date
Burn Notice
3:1 Friends and Family Jun 4, 2009
3:2 Question & Answer Jun 11, 2009
3:3 End Run Jun 18, 2009
3:4 Fearless Leader Jun 25, 2009
3:5 Signals and Codes Jul 9, 2009
3:6 The Hunter Jul 16, 2009
3:7 Shot in the Dark Jul 23, 2009
3:8 Friends Like These Jul 30, 2009
3:9 Long Way Back Aug 6, 2009
3:10 A Dark Road Jan 28, 2010
3:11 Friendly Fire Jan 28, 2010
3:12 Noble Causes Feb 4, 2010
3:13 Enemies Closer Feb 11, 2010
3:14 Partners in Crime Feb 18, 2010
3:15 Good Intentions Feb 25, 2010
3:16 Devil You Know Mar 4, 2010

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