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After a brief meeting with Jesse’s old boss Marv to see if he’ll help with their investigation, Michael spies a Russian wetworks team and follows them to an aging spy (Guest Star: Burt Reynolds), who made a lot of enemies on both sides of the Cold War. To save his life, Michael has to help him outrun the Russians while also getting in touch with a high-ranking Congressman, intending to blackmail to protect the old man, only to have him call their bluff. With the Russians tracking them, it’s a simple task to set a trap for them and use their capture as leverage to force the congressman’s hand. Fi and Jesse, however, continue to press Marv, who finds the safety deposit box as well as evidence that would point Jesse to Michael’s role in losing his job; even though Fi destroys it, she protests keeping the secret and accuses Michael of caring more about his mission than the people who always support him.

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Burn Notice Season 4

# Title Air Date
Burn Notice
4:1 Friends and Enemies Jun 3, 2010
4:2 Fast Friends Jun 10, 2010
4:3 Made Man Jun 17, 2010
4:4 Breach of Faith Jun 24, 2010
4:5 Neighborhood Watch Jul 1, 2010
4:6 Entry Point Jul 15, 2010
4:7 Past & Future Tense Jul 22, 2010
4:8 Where There's Smoke Jul 29, 2010
4:9 Center of the Storm Aug 5, 2010
4:10 Hard Time Aug 12, 2010
4:11 Blind Spot Aug 19, 2010
4:12 Guilty As Charged Aug 26, 2010
4:13 Eyes Open Nov 11, 2010
4:14 Hot Property Nov 18, 2010
4:15 Brotherly Love Dec 2, 2010
4:16 Dead or Alive Dec 9, 2010
4:17 Out of the Fire Dec 16, 2010
4:18 Last Stand Dec 16, 2010

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