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House diagnoses Mark, Stacy Warner's husband. Although the tests do not indicate a condition and Mark claims to be fine outside of stomach pain, it appears his brain is dying. House finds abdominal epilepsy, but cannot detect any memory loss. After Mark begins developing paralysis, House decides to treat him for Guillain-Barré syndrome. After confiding in Stacy that he still has feelings for her, House realizes that Mark had experienced delusions, and actually suffered from acute intermittent porphyria (AIP). With support from Stacy, but not from his team, House gives Mark a dangerous drug cocktail to confirm that he really has AIP. Cuddy decides to hire Stacy as the hospital's lawyer.

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What Songs are featured in this Television Episode?

It plays...
You Can't Always Get What You Want performed by The Rolling Stones

You Can't Always Get What You Want
performed by The Rolling Stones

This Song is played in Honeymoon
This song plays at the end of the episode.

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House Season 1

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1:3 Occam's Razor Nov 30, 2004
1:4 Maternity Dec 7, 2004
1:5 Damned If You Do Dec 14, 2004
1:6 The Socratic Method Dec 21, 2004
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1:8 Poison Jan 25, 2005
1:9 DNR Feb 1, 2005
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1:13 Cursed Mar 1, 2005
1:14 Control Mar 15, 2005
1:15 Mob Rules Mar 22, 2005
1:16 Heavy Mar 29, 2005
1:17 Role Model Apr 12, 2005
1:18 Babies & Bathwater Apr 19, 2005
1:19 Kids May 3, 2005
1:20 Love Hurts May 10, 2005
1:21 Three Stories May 17, 2005
1:22 Honeymoon May 24, 2005

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