Young Shirley and Nell unsuccessfully attempt to enter the red room with a master key. In the room, young Theo is watching tapes of dance. In present day, Steve talks to Leigh about writing a follow-up to the Haunting of Hill House in which as adults he visits Hill House with his father. She begins to mock Steven for his failure to remember events after leaving Hill House, decaying into a corpse-like state. Nell appears urges him to wake up. Steven and Hugh look for Luke at the Hill House and find him on the floor of the Red Room overdosed with a needle in his arm. Luke fails to burn the house, sees his mother Olivia and is incapacitated by the spirit of Poppy. Luke envisions Joey returning, but they end up injecting drugs in a hotel room. In present day, Steve, Theo and their father Hugh are also incapacitated by the ghostly spirits. Shirley envisions her affair at a conference and own casket viewing. Theo sees herself with Trish. In both cases, Nell appears and wakes them up. Steve and Shirley revive Luke after Luke envisions speaking to his mother Olivia, while young Nell urges him to go. Nell's spirit describes the red room as the not the heart, but the stomach of the home. The room served as Theo's dance studio, Steven's game room, Luke's tree house, Nell's toy room, Olivia's reading room, and Shirley's family room. Nell forgives her siblings, and assures them that her death was not their fault. Hugh awakens to the ghostly Poppy reciting a poem, but she is sent away by Olivia's spirit. Olivia tells Hugh that she is alone and doesn't want the children to leave and be consumed by a heartless, hungry world, but Hugh makes an agreement with Olivia who releases the children from the red room. Shirley and Theo take Luke to the hospital, while Hugh and Steven stay behind, witnessing a young Hugh finding Olivia's body and the Dudley parents finding their daughter Abigail. Young Hugh agrees with the Dudleys to keep the house as it is, so the Dudleys may visit Abigail's spirit. In return, they remain silent concerning Abigail's death so that the Crain children can remember their mother as she was, rather than what Hill House made her. Old Hugh, who is revealed to have passed away, gives the home to Steven, tells him that he and his siblings should take care of one another, and joins the spirits of Olivia and Nell in the Red Room. Later, Shirley confesses her affair to Kevin, Steven reconciles with Leigh, Theo and Trish move out of the mortuary, an aged Mr. Dudley carries a dying Mrs. Dudley to the Hill House to pass away. There, she reappears as a young mother with her stillborn baby and Abigail. Luke celebrates his 2nd year of sobriety surrounded by the Crain family including Trish, a pregnant Leigh, and a reconciled Shirley and Kevin.

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