Earn performs cunnilingus on Van before they take a trip to Helen for a Fastnacht celebration, but Earn's apathy and displeasure towards the bizarre, off-putting festivities (coupled with Van chatting with a German bartender in fluent German) and Van's frustration over his attitude boil over into a profanity-filled argument over their relationship. Later, similar to season 1 episode "Value", Van and her friend Christina, a fellow Afro-German, disagree over their respective identities. She later confides in the bartender that she and Earn are growing apart. As she leaves to use the bathroom, she finds her stolen phone when the Schnappviecher appears behind her; Earn then texts her saying he wants to talk. Van says she feels that Earn only uses her for sex and doesn't value her as a partner, while Earn is fine with the "arrangement"; they decide to settle their differences over a best-of-five game of table tennis, with a victory for Van meaning that the two essentially split outside of Earn providing child support. The explicit outcome is not shown but it is suggested that Van won.

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Atlanta Season 2 - Robbin' Season

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2:4 Helen Mar 22, 2018
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2:8 Woods Apr 19, 2018
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2:11 Crabs in a Barrell May 10, 2018

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