Darius answers an ad off of a message board for a piano and ends up at a mansion owned by a pale, idiosyncratic man with a mask-like face named Theodore "Teddy" Perkins. Teddy cares for a man named Benny Hope, who he claims is his brother. Benny is non-verbal and uses a wheelchair, and Teddy claims that Benny is extremely photosensitive. After being urged by Alfred over the phone to be direct and leave as soon as possible, Darius is eventually granted the piano but is taken to the mansion's basement via elevator where he meets Benny, who communicates with him through a chalkboard that "Teddy [will] kill us both" and that he should retrieve a rifle located in the attic. Darius, nevertheless, plans to leave without dealing with the brothers but is forced to confront Teddy when he blocks the loading bay of Darius' rental truck and he hears a loud sound back inside. Teddy holds Darius at gunpoint and informs him that he plans to kill him and stage the scene to look like a home invasion, but an injured Benny arrives just in time to kill Teddy and then himself. The police haul off the corpses and the piano as Darius drives away.

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Atlanta Season 2 - Robbin' Season

# Title Air Date
2:1 Alligator Man Mar 1, 2018
2:1 Alligator Man Mar 1, 2018
2:2 Sportin' Waves Mar 8, 2018
2:3 Money Bag Shawty Mar 15, 2018
2:4 Helen Mar 22, 2018
2:5 Barbershop Mar 29, 2018
2:6 Teddy Perkins Apr 5, 2018
2:7 Champagne Papi Apr 12, 2018
2:8 Woods Apr 19, 2018
2:8 Woods Apr 19, 2018
2:9 North of the Border Apr 26, 2018
2:10 FUBU May 3, 2018
2:11 Crabs in a Barrell May 10, 2018