Earn, Alfred, Darius and Tracy drive to Statesboro for a university concert and lodge with Violet (Jerusha Cavazos)—a girl Earn and Darius met who also has an obsessive crush on Alfred—in her apartment. After Alfred and Clark's performances at the night-time concert, Violet dumps beer on Alfred for talking to another girl; the situation escalates due to Tracy's brash decision-making and the four flee and end up at a frat house in the middle of a party and hazing ritual. While Darius and Tracy visit the house's gun room, Alfred informs Earn that he's considering dropping him as his manager due to his continuous stinginess and lack of perks and that he's looking into being managed by Lucas. In the morning, the four return to Violet's apartment complex to find Alfred's car vandalized and their belongings stolen and/or damaged. Earn is particularly incensed when he finds his laptop missing and resorts to pulling a fire alarm and unsuccessfully attempting to kick Violet's door in. On the ride home, Tracy mocks Earn's decision-making throughout the entire ordeal and pretend-shoots him with a flintlock that was stolen from the frat house. Earn reaches his breaking point and demands to fight Tracy as Alfred pulls the car over and he and Darius watch. Tracy easily beats Earn into submission and the four re-enter the car without a word.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

It plays these songs...

Laffy Taffy
performed by D4L

This Song is played in North of the Border part of Atlanta Season 2
This song plays at the frat house as Prescott tells Earn and Alfred that Hip Hop saved his life.

Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

Atlanta Season 2 - Robbin' Season

# Title Air Date
2:1 Alligator Man Mar 1, 2018
2:1 Alligator Man Mar 1, 2018
2:2 Sportin' Waves Mar 8, 2018
2:3 Money Bag Shawty Mar 15, 2018
2:4 Helen Mar 22, 2018
2:5 Barbershop Mar 29, 2018
2:6 Teddy Perkins Apr 5, 2018
2:7 Champagne Papi Apr 12, 2018
2:8 Woods Apr 19, 2018
2:8 Woods Apr 19, 2018
2:9 North of the Border Apr 26, 2018
2:10 FUBU May 3, 2018
2:11 Crabs in a Barrell May 10, 2018