At a parent-teacher conference, Lottie's teacher informs Van and Earn that their daughter is gifted like Earn and requires a transfer to an expensive private school if she wants to reach her full potential. Meanwhile, Alfred and Darius pack to move out of their house and go on a European tour headlined by Clark County. Alfred finds the gun from "Alligator Man" while packing and tells Earn he wants it gone. Thinking nothing of it, Earn puts it in his backpack. Additionally, Darius' passport has expired, but he "knows a guy". While at Darius's passport agency, Earn receives a text from Van that she's thinking of taking Lottie and moving in with her mom. Darius tells Earn that he has seen his improvement as a manager and, even though he may be fired, he's family and will always be taken care of by Alfred. At the airport, the three meet up with Clark and Luke. Earn finds the gun in his carry-on at security and slips it into Clark's bag. On the plane, Alfred tells Earn that he saw what he did and believes it was planned. However, he isn't angry about it and even compliments the decision; he tells Earn that people only care about themselves in this business but the two of them are different because they watch out for one another. Clark walks down the aisle and, when asked, tells Alfred that Luke couldn't make the trip since he got caught with a gun in his bag. Earn confirms to Alfred that he placed the gun in Clark's bag, not Lucas', solidifying Alfred's feelings about Clark as well as corroborating the talk the two had.

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