Otis has a wet dream about Maeve and ejaculates, which he unsuccessfully tries to hide from Jean. At the abortion clinic, Maeve finds out that the clinic's policy requires someone to come pick her up; she asks Otis and he agrees thinking it is a date. Eric is selected for the Swing Band, and clarinettist Lily offers to help him catch up to speed. At Eric's place, Lily tries to have sex with him, but ends up playing with makeup and watching gay porn once she discovers Eric is gay. Otis goes early to the clinic and gets kicked out; he offers relationship advice to a pro-life couple protesting outside the clinic. Miss Sands, the English teacher, accuses Maeve of plagiarising a paper, but encourages her to put her talent to better use for herself. Jackson wins a swim meet, but is saddened to learn that Maeve is not in attendance. After the abortion, Otis walks Maeve home, and they share a heartfelt hug.

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Sex Education Season 1

# Title Air Date
Sex Education
1:1 Episode 1 Jan 11, 2019
1:2 Episode 2 Jan 11, 2019
1:3 Episode 3 Jan 11, 2019
1:4 Episode 4 Jan 11, 2019
1:5 Episode 5 Jan 11, 2019
1:6 Episode 6 Jan 11, 2019
1:7 Episode 7 Jan 11, 2019
1:8 Episode 8 Jan 11, 2019

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