In a flashback, Otis catches his father Remi having sex with one of his patients, leading to his parents' divorce. Following his father's advice, Otis decides to take Lily up on her previous offer. During their session, Otis is incredibly awkward and has a panic attack when Lily's advances trigger his childhood memories. Eric, increasingly isolated, tries to dress "more normal." He winds up lashing out at the Swing Band instructor and punches out Anwar, resulting in suspension. His father tries to connect with Eric but is unsuccessful. Adam wins an essay-writing competition with an essay he had paid Maeve to write. Miss Sands correctly guesses that Maeve wrote the essay (as does Otis) and informs Mr Groff, who is already suspicious. Otis advises Aimee, who has a new boyfriend who insists that she dictate matters in bed. Jean, still infatuated with Jakob, manufactures a situation for him to come to her house and they become intimate. Maeve's brother Sean returns after having disappeared for several months; they reconcile after some tense moments. Maeve and Otis try to sort out their feelings for each other individually, but - to complicate matters, Ola asks Otis out.

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Sex Education Season 1

# Title Air Date
Sex Education
1:1 Episode 1 Jan 11, 2019
1:2 Episode 2 Jan 11, 2019
1:3 Episode 3 Jan 11, 2019
1:4 Episode 4 Jan 11, 2019
1:5 Episode 5 Jan 11, 2019
1:6 Episode 6 Jan 11, 2019
1:7 Episode 7 Jan 11, 2019
1:8 Episode 8 Jan 11, 2019

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