Mr Groff finds the drugs that Sean sold at the dance and assumes Maeve and Otis are running a drug ring at school. He threatens to call the police, but Maeve takes responsibility, making her a candidate for expulsion. She defends herself in front of a tribunal, but the decision is deferred. Distraught after Maeve tells him she does not love him, Jackson starts skipping practice. He agrees to represent the school again if Maeve is reinstated, but the headmaster reneges the deal. Eric and Adam are in detention; a physical altercation suddenly turns into sex. Their relationship is scuppered when Adam is shipped off to military school. Otis fights with Jean about her intrusiveness, but they later reconcile. Jean goes to tell Jakob she can no longer see him but ends up having sex with him again. Otis apologises to Ola; she accepts, then walks with him back to his house. Sean has disappeared. Maeve finds the essay prize Otis stole from the school office along with his note apologising to her. She goes to his house but sees him kissing Ola and leaves without them noticing. The kiss arouses Otis and he is finally able to masturbate.

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