Han meets with the medical review board and reaches a compromise where the hospital will pay some fines and Shaun, Lim and Melendez will have to attend a few classes, but are otherwise clear of trouble. Glassman's final test results shows that he is completely cancer free; after Glassman gives her a personal gift in thanks, Dr. Blaize suggests that his ordeal has changed Glassman for the better. Lim treats the newborn daughter of her old friend Laura who displays signs of shaken baby syndrome; Shaun determines that it was a birth complication, not abuse. Melendez assembles a large team to treat Kenny, a young man with a 200-pound tumor encircling his body. When complications arise, Melendez insists on bringing in Shaun to consult; Shaun is able to come up with a way to complete the operation safely, but continues to be excluded from the surgery. Thanks to Shaun, the surgery is a success. Shaun suffers an emotional breakdown and demands his job back from Han in a way that leads to Han firing him. After Laura accuses her of a lack of vulnerability and commitment, Lim decides to make her relationship with Melendez public and goes to Andrews with him.

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