The residents of Tree Hill must deal with the aftermath of the shocking accident. Nathan and Rachel are okay while Cooper still remains in a coma. In the midst of all the chaos, Dan extends his help to Karen now that she is pregnant. Lucas and Peyton's friendship continues to grow stronger. Previously rivals, Brooke and Rachel move past their differences and manage to become good friends. Brooke has a difficult decision to make about her relationship with Lucas. Skills decides to try out for the Ravens. This episode is named after a song by The Cure.

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One Tree Hill Season 4

# Title Air Date
One Tree Hill
4:1 The Same Deep Water as You Sep 27, 2006
4:2 Things I Forgot at Birth Oct 4, 2006
4:3 Good News for People Who Love Bad News Oct 11, 2006
4:4 Can't Stop This Thing We've Started Oct 18, 2006
4:5 I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness Oct 25, 2006
4:6 Where Did You Sleep Last Night? Nov 8, 2006
4:7 All These Things That I've Done Nov 15, 2006
4:8 Nothing Left to Say But Goodbye Nov 22, 2006
4:9 Some You Give Away Nov 29, 2006
4:10 Songs to Love and Die By Dec 6, 2006
4:11 Everything in Its Right Place Jan 17, 2007
4:12 Resolve Jan 24, 2007
4:13 Pictures of You Feb 7, 2007
4:14 Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers Feb 14, 2007
4:15 Prom Night at Hater High Feb 21, 2007
4:16 You Call it Madness, But I Call it Love May 2, 2007
4:17 It Gets the Worst at Night May 9, 2007
4:18 The Runaway Found May 16, 2007
4:19 Ashes of Dreams You Let Die May 30, 2007
4:20 The Birth and Death of the Day Jun 6, 2007
4:21 All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone Jun 13, 2007

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