At the Dunphy house, Phil learns that his neighbor, Gary has had a divorce. Phil is initially sad for Gary, but soon fears that the same thing might happen to him and Claire. Phil soon assumes Claire's business with the haunted house is a sign she isn't loving him anymore. He soon does the things Gary did wrong which fail. 
Mitchell also gets excited learning that his new law firm allows employees to wear Halloween costumes. Unfortunately he learns only two people wear costumes and they are called "tools" and "douches". He tries to get out of the costume, but is pulled into meeting after meeting not giving him the chance. Meanwhile, Gloria gets offended by Manny and Jay correcting her accent. 
At the party, everything goes wrong with Jay late at activating the effects, Gloria speaking in her "english" voice, and Cameron won't stop talking about his "traumatic" Halloween story. After two failed attempts, Claire becomes furious and walks out of the haunted house. Phil then asks her if she's tired of him. She then tells him that they're stuck together. While they talk the rest of the family finishes the haunted house perfectly, to Claire and Phil's happiness.

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