Ron and Leslie head to Indianapolis to receive a commendation for reviving the Harvest Festival. Before they leave, Ann confides in Leslie that she thinks Chris might be cheating on her. Tom and Ben bond at a club where Tom hopes to pitch his cologne, "Tommy Fresh", to a fragrance mogul. At the same club, April and Andy plot to see who can score the most free stuff. In Indianapolis, Ron is devastated to discover that his favorite steak restaurant is closed. After retiring to Chris' apartment, Leslie discovers evidence that Chris is cheating and Ann races from Pawnee to confront him. She learns that not only is Chris not cheating on her, but he in fact broke up with her a week earlier without Ann realizing it.

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Parks and Recreation Season 3

# Title Air Date
Parks and Recreation
3:1 Go Big or Go Home Jan 20, 2011
3:2 Flu Season Jan 27, 2011
3:3 Time Capsule Feb 3, 2011
3:4 Ron and Tammy: Part Two Feb 10, 2011
3:5 Media Blitz Feb 17, 2011
3:6 Indianapolis Feb 24, 2011
3:7 Harvest Festival Mar 17, 2011
3:8 Camping Mar 24, 2011
3:9 Andy and April's Fancy Party Apr 14, 2011
3:10 Soulmates Apr 21, 2011
3:11 Jerry's Painting Apr 28, 2011
3:12 Eagleton May 5, 2011
3:13 The Fight May 12, 2011
3:14 Road Trip May 12, 2011
3:15 The Bubble May 19, 2011
3:16 Li'l Sebastian May 19, 2011

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