Hooman Jaka fixes Nancy up with a man who can get fake passports, and sends Andy to make the deal with a man named Daoud Mahmud who in turn, asks Andy to kill Hooman as payment. Silas bonds with Lars, his suspected biological father while Nancy's suspicions are raised about Ellis Tate by Warren, leading her to search through old yearbooks where she discovers Ellis is not who he says he is. She confronts him and he reveals himself to be Vaughan Coleman, an investigative journalist who has been tracking her since she left San Diego who plans to write a story about her life. He offers to help expose "the bad guys" before they find her first, and Nancy agrees to go on record about her life. Andy tells Hooman about Mahmud's offer, and the two decide to help each other.

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Weeds Season 6

# Title Air Date
6:1 Thwack Aug 16, 2010
6:2 Felling and Swamping Aug 23, 2010
6:3 A Yippity Sippity Aug 30, 2010
6:4 Bliss Sep 13, 2010
6:5 Boomerang Sep 20, 2010
6:6 A Shoe for a Shoe Sep 27, 2010
6:7 Pinwheels and Whirligigs Oct 4, 2010
6:8 Gentle Puppies Oct 11, 2010
6:9 To Moscow, and Quickly Oct 18, 2010
6:10 Dearborn-Again Oct 25, 2010
6:11 Viking Pride Nov 1, 2010
6:12 Fran Tarkenton Nov 8, 2010
6:13 Theoretical Love is Not Dead Nov 15, 2010

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