Rory and Lorelai prepare to leave for Yale, packing and with Lorelai taking photos of Rory heading off. Lorelai borrows Luke's truck to take Rory's things to Yale but doesn't mention to Luke that she can't drive a stick.. Luke tries to teach her but his efforts are wasted and she leaves. Rory arrives at Yale and begins her Orientation. She meets one of her new roommates who is only sixteen and quite strange. Rory soon finds that someone she knows is her other roommate. It's Paris, with her new lifecoach, Terrance. Rory finds that Paris requested a room with her as they have a history together. Rory is shocked. After seeing what other students have got in their dorms, Lorelai leaves to find better things for Rory's dorm. She brings Rory the things and then leaves again. Just as Lorelai gets back to Stars Hollow, she gets a page from Rory saying to come back and go she heads for Yale again. When she gets there, Rory gives Lorelai a hug and tells her how she missed her after only being away for five minutes. She goes on about how she is pathetic being a mommy's girl and asks Lorelai why she doesn't hate her and want to be away from her like most kids do when they go off to college. Lorelai calms her down and suggests staying the night. Rory accepts and Lorelai begins to order every kind of food for them and Rory's roommates. When the pizza arrives, there is far too much and so Lorelai calls other girls in for a party. They all have a good time and remember Rory for having a really cool mom. Lorelai leaves and Rory feels better, knowing more people at Yale.

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