When three members of a notorious Latino gang are gunned down in MacArthur Park, LA's Priority Homicide Division is brought in to investigate. There's little political interest in gang-on-gang violence, but Brenda discovers that the homicides may have been caused by a highly skilled military sniper bent on revenge. As the body count rises and eye-for-an-eye gang violence escalates, Brenda finds herself placing her trust in the father of the alleged killer, who claims he wants to stop his son's lethal mission. But as she zeroes in on the sniper, is Brenda leading her team on a wild-goose chase that will further undermine her credibility?

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The Closer Season 1

# Title Air Date
The Closer
1:1 Pilot Jun 13, 2005
1:2 About Face Jun 20, 2005
1:3 The Big Picture Jun 27, 2005
1:4 Show Yourself Jul 4, 2005
1:5 Flashpoint Jul 11, 2005
1:6 Fantasy Date Jul 18, 2005
1:7 You Are Here Jul 25, 2005
1:8 Batter Up Aug 1, 2005
1:9 Good Housekeeping Aug 8, 2005
1:10 The Butler Did It Aug 15, 2005
1:11 L.A. Woman Aug 22, 2005
1:12 Fatal Retraction Aug 29, 2005
1:13 Standards and Practices Sep 5, 2005

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