Tara and Max visit the former's DID therapist while their children watch tapes of Tara's alters (T and Buck commenting while Alice tapes herself making a dessert). After the session Max still thinks Tara is the one who did it, which makes her emotionally uncomfortable and to add insult to injury, the NPR talks about DID, making her transition into T. Tara, as her teenage alter T, steals her own car and Max and Charmaine must chase after her, leaving Marshall home alone and upsetting him. He decides to throw a party to win the love of his classmate Jason, on whom he has a crush.

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United States of Tara Season 1

# Title Air Date
United States of Tara
1:1 Pilot Jan 18, 2009
1:2 Aftermath Jan 25, 2009
1:3 Work Feb 1, 2009
1:4 Inspiration Feb 8, 2009
1:5 Revolution Feb 15, 2009
1:6 Transition Feb 22, 2009
1:7 Alterations Mar 1, 2009
1:8 Abundance Mar 8, 2009
1:9 Possibility Mar 15, 2009
1:10 Betrayal Mar 22, 2009
1:11 Snow Mar 29, 2009
1:12 Miracle Apr 5, 2009

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