Tara and Charmaine go visit the woman from Tara’s memories. She is clearly the template for Tara's alter Alice. Tara and Charmaine discover that they were placed in foster care with the woman. She tells them that she only took on the "worst cases." Tara transitions to "T" when she sees a man walk in, but he was not around at the time Tara and Charmaine were left in foster care. Kate attempts to change herself for Zach. Marshall begins to fall for Lionel. Neil leaves town.

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United States of Tara Season 2

# Title Air Date
United States of Tara
2:1 Yes Mar 22, 2010
2:2 Trouble Junction Mar 29, 2010
2:3 The Truth Hurts Apr 5, 2010
2:4 You Becoming You Apr 12, 2010
2:5 Doin' Time Apr 19, 2010
2:6 Tornado! Apr 26, 2010
2:7 Dept. of F'd Up Family Services May 3, 2010
2:8 Explosive Diorama May 10, 2010
2:9 The Family Portrait May 17, 2010
2:10 Open House May 24, 2010
2:11 To Have and to Hold May 31, 2010
2:12 From this Day Forward Jun 7, 2010

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