The episode begins with Stephanie coming home and finding Jim dead on the floor. Then it shows previous events 12 hours earlier. Dr. King orders Victoria Marrow (Amelia), a shapeshifter, to infiltrate the Powell's house and kill one of them. Jim tracks down her apartment, where he sees a bulletin board full of pictures of him and his family. When Victoria returns, she temporarily blinds him with mace and escapes. Then Daphne and JJ discover their mom searching through their bathroom, which is actually Victoria. She then calls Daphne and, impersonating Chris's voice on the phone, gets her to leave the house. She searches through Stephanie's drawers filled with energy snacks and shoes until JJ catches her. Then she answers a premonitory call from Jim. She finds out about Daphne's and JJ's powers, which she reports in her frequent meetings with Dr. King. JJ and Daphne try to solve the murder of the mother of JJ's ex-girlfriend, Natalie. After following several leads, giving ample opportunity for Daphne to use her new telepathic ability, they find the murderer at home and are almost killed by her. Luckily, Jim arrives just in time to save them both. Later at home, Jim confronts Stephanie, forcing her to reveal herself as Amelia. At the end she shapeshifts into Jim to fight him, and is then killed when he breaks her head with an ash shovel. Josh disposes of her body, and Stephanie and Jim realize that if Dr. King realizes Amelia is dead, then he will seek revenge on the Powells. Stephanie protects Amelia's secret by pretending to be her in Stephanie form and telling Dr. King that she is going back to Brazil where everything originated. The episode ends with Stephanie cowering behind a column in Global Tech.

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This Book is referred to by No Ordinary Powell part of No Ordinary Family Season 1
Victoria, the shape-shifter, has transformed herself into Stephanie, and tries to convince Jim that she is truly Stephanie, saying "Who else do you know who's reading the new Jonathan Franzen book?", referring to 'Freedom'.

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