As the students of Springfield Elementary are being driven to a model UN conference, Otto drives the bus off a bridge after his brake pedal is blocked by a grapefruit. To obtain help, Otto swims off, while the kids are still in the bus. Soon, when the bus is nearly full of water, the kids manage to escape and swim to an island. Once there, the kids find no food, causing Bart to swim back to the sunken bus to get the cooler full of food. Lisa advises everyone to not eat much, as it may be the only food they could have for some time. However, the cooler is found empty the next morning, with the food wrappings discarded around Milhouse, who claims a monster ate it. Lisa champions the charter of the Model UN and insists on giving Milhouse a trial, wherein he is found innocent. The verdict angers the kids, however, inciting violence against Lisa, Milhouse, and Bart, who are forced to flee. The three hide in a cave, but are chased out by a boar, which is soon found out to be the "monster". The kids kill the boar and eat it, and a narration assures that Moe saves the kids. Meanwhile, Homer starts his own internet company, but it is eventually destroyed by Bill Gates.

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The Simpsons Season 9

# Title Air Date
The Simpsons
9:1 The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson Sep 21, 1997
9:2 The Principal and the Pauper Sep 28, 1997
9:3 Lisa's Sax Oct 19, 1997
9:4 Treehouse of Horror VIII Oct 26, 1997
9:5 The Cartridge Family Nov 2, 1997
9:6 Bart Star Nov 9, 1997
9:7 The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons Nov 16, 1997
9:8 Lisa the Skeptic Nov 23, 1997
9:9 Reality Bites Dec 7, 1997
9:10 Miracle on Evergreen Terrace Dec 21, 1997
9:11 All Singing, All Dancing Jan 4, 1998
9:12 Bart Carny Jan 11, 1998
9:13 The Joy of Sect Feb 8, 1998
9:14 Das Bus Feb 15, 1998
9:15 The Last Temptation of Krust Feb 22, 1998
9:16 Dumbbell Indemnity Mar 1, 1998
9:17 Lisa the Simpson Mar 8, 1998
9:18 This Little Wiggy Mar 22, 1998
9:19 Simpson Tide Mar 29, 1998
9:20 The Trouble with Trillions Apr 5, 1998
9:21 Girly Edition Apr 19, 1998
9:22 Trash of the Titans Apr 26, 1998
9:23 King of the Hill May 3, 1998
9:24 Lost Our Lisa May 10, 1998
9:25 Natural Born Kissers May 17, 1998

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