The missing persons team, complete with new recruit Martin, are dispatched to find missing Maggie Cartwright, a twenty-something marketing executive. At first, she appears to have everything, including a successful career and two loving divorced parents, but when the squad, led by Jack, dig deeper, they discover that Maggie was desperately unhappy with several aspects of her life. They also find out that not only did Maggie have an interesting dating history, including a relationship with a married co-worker, but that she was also involved with drugs. The team suspect that Maggie may have been suicidal, but change their minds when an emailed ransom note, complete with proof of life, arrives at Maggie's mother's house. The kidnapper is demanding $1million in return for Maggie's release, and the team must battle against time to save her. Martin makes a crucial mistake on his first day.  
2 2 "Birthday Boy" David Nutter Hank Steinberg October 3, 2002 (2002-10-03) 175651 14.53[6]  
Gabe Freedman vanishes on his 11th birthday, on the way to a baseball game at Yankee Stadium with his dad, Bob. The two of them are accidentally separated at the train station, and Bob assumes that Gabe will get off the train at the next stop and wait for him. When he arrives there and finds no trace of his son, he goes onto Yankee Stadium to search. His son is not there either. Clues surface during the subsequent investigation that suggest Gabe may have left voluntarily, but when the team find out some surprising details about his family, it leads them to think again. Emails, instant messaging, and some strange activity from Gabe suggests that he may have been manipulated by someone preying on some of his insecurities. In an attempt to get out of Jack's doghouse, Martin makes a risky move to save Gabe.  
3 3 "He Saw, She Saw" Rachel Talalay Jan Nash October 10, 2002 (2002-10-10) 175653 15.94[7]  
Emily Muller is kidnapped from a parking lot after shopping in the nearby mall. Her husband, Duncan, is just yards away at the time, and despite a chase, he is unable to save his wife when she is driven away at high speed in her own car. At first, the team suspect that it may have been a carjacking gone wrong, but when a witness suggests that Emily may have recognised the assailant, they think again. The team uncover some secrets in the Muller household which lead them to believe that Duncan may be involved, especially when they discover that his business is in very serious financial trouble. However, some clever detective work from Martin changes things and the investigation is quickly diverted.  
4 4 "Between the Cracks" Steve Gomer Ed Redlich October 17, 2002 (2002-10-17) 176554 14.84[8]  
Eve Cleary, a 19-year-old aspiring model, goes missing, but the team have trouble working out exactly when she disappeared. Their work is complicated further when it becomes obvious that there are very few people who actually knew Eve, and therefore, evidence and witness accounts are hard to come by. The team are surprised to learn, following Sam's intuitive work, that Eve is actually missing twice, under two different identities. After finally working out the day she vanished, the squad must decipher truth from fiction in order to solve the case. Also, Chet Collins makes his first appearance as the father determined to discover the truth behind his two-year-old son's disappearance, five years earlier.  
5 5 "Suspect" Peter Markle Allison Abner October 24, 2002 (2002-10-24) 175657 15.75[9]  
17-year-old Andy Deaver disappears from a private boarding school. Jack immediately suspects that the school's headmaster, Graham Spaulding, is responsible, and the team must tread very carefully around him in order to not show that he is the focus of their investigation, in the hope that he might lead them to where Andy is. Evidence from other students at the school, and a very risky investigative move by Danny, helps the agents uncover Spaulding's real character as Jack enters a race against time, and in defiance of his bosses instructions, to find the missing boy he feels is still alive.  
6 6 "Silent Partner" Randall Zisk Greg Walker October 31, 2002 (2002-10-31) 175655 15.50[10]  
Patrick Kent, an executive of a New York firm chaired by his father-in-law, goes missing in an airport in San Diego. Danny and Martin are dispatched to investigate in San Diego, and when they find that the two suitcases Patrick took to the airport were empty, they begin to unravel a web of lies that involve almost all aspects of the troubled man's life. It isn't long before the team realise that nothing about Patrick is as it first appears and the further the investigation goes, the more it seems that Patrick might have felt trapped by his life and had been searching for a way out.

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Without a Trace Season 1

# Title Air Date
Without a Trace
1:1 Pilot Sep 26, 2002
1:2 Birthday Boy Oct 3, 2002
1:3 He Saw, She Saw Oct 10, 2002
1:4 Between the Cracks Oct 17, 2002
1:5 Suspect Oct 24, 2002
1:6 Silent Partner Oct 31, 2002
1:7 Snatch Back Nov 7, 2002
1:8 Little Big Man Nov 14, 2002
1:9 In Extremis Nov 21, 2002
1:10 Midnight Sun Dec 12, 2002
1:11 Maple Street Jan 9, 2003
1:12 Underground Railroad Jan 16, 2003
1:13 Hang On to Me Jan 30, 2003
1:14 The Friendly Skies Feb 6, 2003
1:15 There Goes the Bride Feb 20, 2003
1:16 Clare de Lune Feb 27, 2003
1:17 Kam Li Mar 13, 2003
1:18 The Souce Apr 3, 2003
1:19 Victory for Humanity Apr 10, 2003
1:20 No Mas Apr 24, 2003
1:21 Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been? May 1, 2003
1:22 Fall Out, Part 1 May 8, 2003
1:23 Fall Out, Part 2 May 15, 2003

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