Joe Gibson, a young talented lawyer working for legal aid, goes missing late at night. A witness reported hearing gunshots in an alley and seeing Joe frantically running away from the scene. When the team find evidence of a shooting, using forensics, they track down the owner of the gun that was fired, and find that it was a former client of Joe's. Upon speaking to the man, they discover that Joe had been panicked when they last met up and was ranting about a man named Peterson. He took the gun from his client, leading the team to believe that he may have been the one who fired it. The team search for the elusive 'Peterson' as the client is not the only one who had reported Joe mentioning him. Jack's intuition however, leads the team to suspect that Joe's real problems might be related to his mental health, and this theory gains ground when the squad speaks to Joe's sister and are informed about a family history of schizophrenia. After digging into his recent files, the agents discover that the missing man had uncovered important evidence related to a two-year-old missing person's case involving a small child, one in which another client of Joe's was a suspect. The investigation is complicated when Sophie Holtzmann, the young daughter of Joe's boss, is kidnapped from outside her home by an increasingly disturbed Joe, and the team must race against time to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together in order to save Joe and Sophie, and possible solve the old case.

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Without a Trace Season 2

# Title Air Date
Without a Trace
2:1 The Bus Sep 25, 2003
2:2 Revelations Oct 2, 2003
2:3 Confidence Oct 9, 2003
2:4 Prodigy Oct 23, 2003
2:5 Copycat Oct 30, 2003
2:6 Our Sons and Daughters Nov 6, 2003
2:7 A Tree Falls Nov 13, 2003
2:8 Trip Box Nov 20, 2003
2:9 Moving On Dec 11, 2003
2:10 Coming Home Dec 18, 2003
2:11 Exposure Jan 8, 2004
2:12 Hawks and Handsaws Jan 15, 2004
2:13 Life Rules Jan 29, 2004
2:14 The Line Feb 5, 2004
2:15 Wannabe Feb 12, 2004
2:16 Risen Feb 19, 2004
2:17 Gung Ho Feb 26, 2004
2:18 Legacy Mar 11, 2004
2:19 Doppelganger Apr 1, 2004
2:20 Shadows Apr 15, 2004
2:21 Two Families Apr 29, 2004
2:22 The Season May 6, 2004
2:23 Lost and Found May 13, 2004
2:24 Bait May 20, 2004

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