Peter loses his job after drinking too much at a stag party and falls asleep at work. He then signs on to welfare to keep his wife Lois from finding out, but gets much more than he expected. Eventually, Lois finds out however, and Peter decides to dump the money from a blimp, at the Super Bowl. He is then arrested, and must await his family's rescue.

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The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music

This Movie is referred to by Death Has a Shadow part of Family Guy Season 1
The announcer mentions the Von Trapp Family Singers from The Sound of Music

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Family Guy Season 1

# Title Air Date
Family Guy
1:1 Death Has a Shadow Jan 31, 1999
1:2 I Never Met the Dead Man Apr 11, 1999
1:3 Chitty Chitty Death Bang Apr 18, 1999
1:4 Mind Over Murder Apr 25, 1999
1:5 A Hero Sits Next Door May 2, 1999
1:6 The Son Also Draws May 9, 1999
1:7 Portrait of a Dog May 16, 1999

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