Peter knocks out Quahog's cable transmitter while driving Meg home. Distraught, Peter resolves to steal the transmitter so he can have television in his house and convinces Meg to take the blame for the outage. The device is stolen by Stewie, who intends to use it to control the weather. Peter attaches a cardboard cutout in front of his face to pretend that the world is a television program. Meg, tired of public scorn, reveals the truth behind the cable outage; the citizens of Quahog threaten Peter with violence, but he is saved by Lois. Peter takes his family on recreational outings, but the family grows tired of the constant physical activity, prompting Peter to go on the outings with William Shatner. After the weather machine creates a huge rainstorm, Meg and Lois drive around searching for Peter, and Meg runs over Shatner and Peter; Peter is hospitalized. Peter watches television while he recovers, and becomes addicted to it once again.

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Family Guy Season 1

# Title Air Date
Family Guy
1:1 Death Has a Shadow Jan 31, 1999
1:2 I Never Met the Dead Man Apr 11, 1999
1:3 Chitty Chitty Death Bang Apr 18, 1999
1:4 Mind Over Murder Apr 25, 1999
1:5 A Hero Sits Next Door May 2, 1999
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1:7 Portrait of a Dog May 16, 1999

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