Stewie has begun teething; Lois explains to him that the pain will pass with time, so he decides to build a time machine. Lois asks Peter to take Chris to a soccer game. At the game, Peter punches a pregnant woman, and is put under house arrest. Peter decides to open a bar in his basement so that his friends will come to visit. The bar becomes a hot spot and Lois becomes upset until she has the opportunity to sing at the bar. Peter becomes jealous and gets his friend's wives to drag them out out of the bar. A cigarette starts a fire; when Peter and Lois finally become aware of it and attempt to escape, Stewie's time machine takes everyone back to the point in the episode when Lois asks Peter to take Chris to the game. This time, Peter trips over the time machine and destroys it.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

What Television Series are referenced by this Television Episode?

It refers to...
Sesame Street

Sesame Street

Date: November 10, 1969
This Television Series is referred to by Mind Over Murder part of Family Guy Season 1
A parody featuring Bert and Ernie titled "Homicide: Life on Sesame Street" is used.

What Songs are featured in this Television Episode?

It plays...

More Episodes From...

Family Guy Season 1

# Title Air Date
Family Guy
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1:4 Mind Over Murder Apr 25, 1999
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