Luke helps Taylor Doose renovate an old house into a museum. Rory, Paris, and Lane become intoxicated at the opening of the house and speak their minds on their love lives. Lorelai forgets to keep some news off the record when she is interviewed by a magazine about the success of the Dragonfly Inn.

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Gilmore Girls Season 5

# Title Air Date
Gilmore Girls
5:4 Tippecanoe and Taylor, Too Oct 12, 2004
5:5 We Got Us a Pippi Virgin Oct 19, 2004
5:6 Norman Mailer, I'm Pregnant! Oct 26, 2004
5:14 Say Something Feb 15, 2005
5:15 Jews and Chinese Food Feb 22, 2005
5:16 So... Good Talk Mar 1, 2005
5:18 To Live and Let Diorama Apr 19, 2005

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