Tim and Sophie's relationship is gradually getting closer, something which is noticed by Daisy, Mike and Marsha. Daisy and Mike are both hurt and jealous by this, and Marsha (who still believes them to be a couple) is horrified for Daisy. Brian and Twist have broken up; Brian is devastated, Twist less so. Events finally come to a head at Daisy's birthday party, with a drunken confession and a painful betrayal.

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Spaced Season 2

# Title Air Date
2:1 Back Feb 23, 2001
2:2 Change Mar 2, 2001
2:3 Mettle Mar 9, 2001
2:4 Help Mar 23, 2001
2:5 Gone Mar 30, 2001
2:6 Dissolution Apr 6, 2001
2:7 Leaves Apr 13, 2001

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