Mike and Lisa hire a hot young babysitter for Tommy, but the skimpily clad teen brings more teen angst to the household than the Rileys can handle. Meanwhile, when a disabled food-delivery guy accidentally intrudes upon Callie's naked dance party, Adam finally confronts her about her habits in the apartment. But when they find out the delivery guy is also a computer whiz and decide to hire him, Adam learns a lesson in indecent exposure the hard way. Also, Mike and Adam try to convince Ethan to get rid of his hideous necklace, but he finds comfort in a new fling who does not see the necklace the same way.

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Traffic Light Season 1

# Title Air Date
Traffic Light
1:1 Pilot Feb 8, 2011
1:2 En Fuego Feb 15, 2011
1:3 All the Precedent's Men Feb 22, 2011
1:4 Credit Balance Mar 1, 2011
1:5 Breaking Bread Mar 8, 2011
1:6 No Good Deed Mar 15, 2011
1:7 Stealth Bomber Mar 22, 2011
1:8 Kiss Me Kate Mar 29, 2011
1:9 Best Man Apr 12, 2011
1:10 Bonebag Apr 19, 2011
1:11 Where the Heart Is May 3, 2011
1:12 Tommy Guns May 10, 2011
1:13 Help Wanted May 17, 2011

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