Turtle goes to Mexico with Alex, uncertain of her intentions, but goes along with it since he needs the money. After inviting John Stamos to Vince's house to convince him to be his co-star, Drama makes a first impression which leaves something to be desired. Ari attempts to part ways with Lizzie on good terms, with no success, but a meeting with some of Hollywood's elite to bring the NFL back to LA looks promising. Eric gets even more upset with Scott, only for their conflict to take a turn.

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Entourage Season 7

# Title Air Date
7:1 Stunted Jun 27, 2010
7:2 Buzzed Jul 11, 2010
7:3 Dramedy Jul 18, 2010
7:4 Tequila Sunrise Jul 25, 2010
7:5 Bottoms Up Aug 1, 2010
7:6 Hair Aug 8, 2010
7:7 Tequila and Coke Aug 15, 2010
7:8 Sniff Sniff Gang Bang Aug 22, 2010
7:9 Porn Scenes from an Italian Restaurant Aug 29, 2010
7:10 Lose Yourself Sep 12, 2010

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